75W desktop battery AC chargers IEC61558 IEC62368 IEC60335

75W AC battery chargers


Dekstop 75W AC to DC  battery chargers with UL, cUL, FCC, PSE, CE, GS, SAA, KC, CCC, PSB certifications for li-ion battery chargers, LiFePO4 battery chargers, Lead acid battery chargers, IEC62368,IEC61558, IEC60950 standards

Product Detail

75W 100-240V AC input to DC output desktop ac chargers for Li-ion battery chargers, LiFePO4 battery chargers, Nimh battery chargers and Lead-acid battery chargers.

Model:XSGxxxyyyy, Safety certificates: CB, UL, cUL, FCC, PSE, CE, GS, SAA, KC, CCC, PSB, UKCA

Voltage: 4.2V to 58.8V, Current: 0.3A to 7A, power 75W max 



1. INPUT VOLTAGE RANGE:90Vac to 264Vac

2. RATED INPUT VOLTAGE:100Vac to 240Vac.



For Li-ion battery:

Li-ion battery chargers

Model Output Voltage/Current Power For Battery
XSG042yyyy 4.2V, 5A - 7A 29.4W max 3.7V battery
XSG084yyyy 8.4V, 5A – 7A 58.8W max 7.4V battery
XSG126yyyy 12.6V, 5A – 6A 75W max 11.1V battery
XSG168yyyy 16.8V, 3.5A – 4.5A 75W max 14.8V battery
XSG210yyyy 21V, 2A – 3.5A 75W max 18.5V battery
XSG252yyyy 25.2V, 2A – 3A 75W max 22.2V battery
XSG294yyyy 29.4V, 2A – 2.5A 73W max 25.9V battery
XSG336yyyy 33.6V, 1.5A – 2A 67.2W max 29.6V battery
XSG378yyyy 37.8V, 1A - 2A 75W max 33.3V battery
XSG420yyyy 42V, 1.5A - 2A 284W max 37V battery


For LiFePO4 battery:

LiFePO4 battery chargers

Model Output Voltage/Current Power For Battery
XSG073yyyy 7.3V,5A - 7A 51.1W max 6.4V battery
XSG110yyyy 11V, 4A – 6.5A 65W max 9.6V battery
XSG146yyyy 14.6V, 3A – 5A 76W max 12.8V battery
XSG180yyyy 18V, 2.5A – 4A 72W max 16V battery
XSG220yyyy 22V, 2A – 3.4A 75W max 19.2V battery
XSG255yyyy 25.5V, 2A – 3A 75W max 22.4V battery
XSG292yyyy 29.2V, 2A – 2.5A 73W max 25.6V battery
XSG330yyyy 33V, 1.5A – 2A 66W max 28.8V battery
XSG365yyyy 36.5V, 1.5A - 2A 73W max 32V battery


For Lead-acid battery:

Lead-acid battery chargers

Model Output Voltage/Current Power For Battery
XSG073yyyy 7.3V, 5A - 7A 51.1W max 6V battery
XSG146yyyy 14.6V, 3.5A – 5A 73W max 12V battery
XSG292yyyy 29.2V, 1.5A – 2.5A 73W max 24V battery
XSG438yyyy 43.8V, 1A - 1.7A  75W max 36V battery
XSG440yyyy 44V, 1A - 1.7A 75W max 36V battery


LED indicator: LED turn red to Green when fully charge the battery.

Charging Status Charging Stage LED indicator
Charging Constant Current Red Green
Constant Voltage
Charged Full Trickle Charging Green Light


Popular Battery Chargers:

8.4V 6A lithium battery charger XSG0846000

12.6V 4A lithium battery charger XSG1264000; 12.6V 5A lithium battery charger XSG1265000

16.8V 3.5A lithium battery charger XSG1683500; 16.8V 4A lithium battery charger XSG1684000

25.2V 2A Lithium battery charger XSG2522000; 25.2V 2.5A Lithium battery charger XSG2522500; 

29.4V 2A Lithium battery charger XSG2942000;  33.6V 2A lithium battery charger XSG3362000; 42V 2A lithium battery charger XSG4202000

14.6V 4A LiFePO4 battery charger XSG1464000; 14.6V 5A LiFepo4 battery charger XSG1465000; 29.2V2A LiFepo4 battery charger 

12V4A Lead-acid battery charger XSG1464000; 12V5A Lead-acid battery charger XSG1465000; 24V 2A Lead-acid battery charger XSG2922000;


Used for what products:

24V electric wheelchair charger, 12V lead acid battery charger, 12V lithium battery charger, 12.8V LiFePO4 battery pack

24V lead-acid battery charger, portable power station, V mount battery charger, underwater drone, electric drone .etc



1.Full safety certifications: UL, cUL, PSE, CE, GS, SAA, KC, CCC, PSB, UKCA.etc
2.Sealed PC enclosure, fanless
3. ISO 9001 certificated factory
4. Small MOQ required to help clients to test the market
Stable quality with long warranty, save customers time and energy, making selection more conveniently

Drawings: L116* W52* H34mm


Used for what products:

Electric bike battery charger, Electric wheel chair battery charger, mobility scooter battery charger, Disinfection robot charger,electric lifter charger

Floor scrubber charger, Energy storage equipment charger


1. PC enclosure, V0 fire proof

2. Sealed enclosure, more safer

3. Fanless, more quieter

4. High quality, long warranty

5.Full safetions, can help customers get the whole machine certification more easily

6. Small MOQ required to help clients to test the market

Save customers time and energy, making selection more conveniently

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