18W EU wall plug AC DC adapter CE GS

Europe wall plug 18W AC DC switching power supply adapter


EU wall plug 18w switching power supply AC DC adapter with CE, GS certificates, IEC62368, IEC60950, IEC61558, IEC60335, IEC60601, IEC61010 standards

Product Detail

18W 100-240V ac input to DC output switching power supply adapter europe plug

Model:XSGxxxyyyyEU, Safety certificates: CB, CE, GS

Voltage: 3V to 36V, Current: 0.1A to 3A, power 18W max 



1. INPUT VOLTAGE RANGE:90Vac to 264Vac

2. RATED INPUT VOLTAGE:100Vac to 240Vac.





Min. value

Max. value

Output regulation



Output load



Ripple and Noise



Output Overshoot



Line regulation



Load regulation



Turn-on delay time



Hold up time





Related Models:

XSG030yyyyEU 3V, 300mA - 3A 0.9W max
XSG042yyyyEU 4.2V, 300mA - 3A 12.6W max
XSG050yyyyEU 5V, 300mA - 3A 15W max
XSG060yyyyEU 6V, 300mA - 2.5A 15W max
XSG072yyyyEU 7.2V, 300mA - 2A 14.4W max
XSG084yyyyEU 8.4V, 300mA – 2A 16.8W max
XSG090yyyyEU 9V, 300mA - 1.8A 16.2W max
XSG100yyyyEU 10V, 300mA – 1.5A 15W max
XSG120yyyyEU 12V, 300mA - 1.5A 18W max
XSG126yyyyEU 12.6V, 300mA – 1.5A 19W max
XSG146yyyyEU 14.6V, 300mA – 1.2A 18W max
XSG150yyyyEU 15V, 300mA - 1.2A 18W max
XSG168yyyyEU 16.8V, 300mA – 1A 16.8W max
XSG180yyyyEU 18V, 300mA - 1A 18W max
XSG190yyyyEU 19V, 300mA – 900mA 18W max
XSG200yyyyEU 20V, 300mA – 900mA 18W max
XSG210yyyyEU 21V, 300mA – 850mA 18W max
XSG240yyyyEU 24V, 300mA – 750mA 18W max
XSG252yyyyEU 25.2V,300mA – 700mA 18W max
XSG290yyyyEU 29V,300mA – 600mA 18W max
XSG292yyyyEU 29.2V,300mA – 600mA 18W max
XSG294yyyyEU 29.4V,300mA – 600mA 18W max
XSG300yyyyEU 30V, 300mA – 600mA 18W max
XSG336yyyyEU 36V, 300mA – 500mA 18W max
XSG360yyyyEU 36V, 300mA – 500mA 18W max

Popular CE Listed Power Adapters:

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Drawings: L63.9* W37.7* H27.9mm



Breast pumps, beauty instruments, vaccine temperature control boxes, digital thermometers, surveillance cameras, audio equipment, heating clothes, electric blankets, electric massagers, etc. require DC power supply equipments


1. Small and exquisite appearance, deeply loved by customers

2. Stable quality, large number of shipments

3. Various product certifications, which can help customers get the whole machine certification

4. Large customer base, good market effect

Samples and production:

Xinsu Global accept the OEM and ODM orders based on the strong development ability

Sample devlivery time: 5-7 days

General production time(order quantity between 1000-10000pcs) : 25 days

General production time(order quantity is more than 10000pcs) : 30 days

We have more than 14 years of experience in the charger and switching power supply industry. We are very confident to provide you with high-quality products and services. Please leave professional things to professional manufacturers to do.


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