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  • What is the difference between an adapter and a charger?

    When many friends use laptops, they will come into contact with laptop adapters and laptop chargers. Since the two are somewhat similar in appearance, friends who do not know these two devices will think that they are the same thing. There is an obvious difference between the two, so what is the difference between an adapter and a charger? The difference between an adapter and a charger includes the points listed below,
    1. Different definitions, an adapter is an interface converter, an information interface, or an independent hardware interface device that can connect hardware and electronic interfaces with other hardware and electronic interfaces. The charger is an advanced intelligent dynamic adjustment charging technology. 2. The structure is different. The adapter consists of a shell, a capacitor, a power transformer, and a control chip. The charger consists of a shell, an input terminal, a flexible circuit board, and electronic components. 3. Different application fields, adapter application fields include LED lighting field, notebook computer, digital communication field, railway vehicle instrument field, etc. The application fields of chargers include electric trucks, electric sightseeing vehicles, locomotives, electric forklifts, electric lift trucks, electric boats, etc.

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